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Future fuels: Hydrogen’s role in the energy transition

About this event

Future fuels is a huge topic in the energy world. Oil and gas giants are finding new ways to cut emissions and become more sustainable. Biofuels and SAF are on the rise, but one particular technology seems to be pulling ahead – hydrogen.

We speak to experts from Hydrogenious LOHC and Uniper to talk about the role of hydrogen on the road to a carbon-neutral future. We'll be covering:

  • Why we need hydrogen imports
  • The role of liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHC)
  • The pros and cons of various carrier types
  • What role hydrogen will play in the energy transition

Plus, our speaker from Hydrogenious LOHC will reveal what’s going on behind the scenes in the company’s joint venture with Vopak, and progress on the Northern Green Crane project.

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    Anamika Talwaria Editor @ Easyfairs

    Editor at Tank Storage Magazine

  • Guest speaker
    Denis Krieg Team Lead - Hydrogen Technologies & Logistics @ Uniper Hydrogen GmbH

    After his doctorate, he became a project engineer at the Air Liquide Group in Düsseldorf in the area of product & business development for hydrogen as an energy carrier, where, among other things, he helped to set up filling stations. During this time, he developed, among other things, a hybrid process for the highly efficient liquefaction of hydrogen. After returning to industry, Dennis joined the product development team at Westenergie AG (formerly innogy SE), E.ON's largest subsidiary, where he helped drive the new hydrogen business area for the entire E.ON Group as Senior Hydrogen Expert. June 2021 Dennis joined Uniper SE where he leads the Technologies & Logistics team at Uniper Hydrogen GmbH. Main topics of the team are carriers for hydrogen (NH3, LH2, LOHC, synFuels), import/export terminals and the technical processing, e.g. ammonia cracking and hydrogen liquefaction.

  • Guest speaker
    Rafael Schmidt Head of Business Development @ Hydrogenious LOHC

    Rafael Schmidt is leading the Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies Business Development and Conceptual Engineering and joined the company in July 2018. He is member of the management board and initiated several larger H2 projects covering the whole supply chain. Prior to Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies Rafael Schmidt worked as an economic and strategic consultant in the energy sector with a focus on Geothermal Power and District.