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Learning for the future – biodiversity and net zero as standard

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The Lost Sessions

Positioning ourselves for COP26 and beyond – a plan for the built and natural environment, in partnership with the Edge

Although the next Futurebuild event won’t take place until 2022, Futurebuild and the Edge has joined forces to explore the actions that we need to take to move from a condition of fragility to one that is more robust for people and the natural world.

The government’s declared aim is to ‘build back better’ and to reduce our emissions by 68% by 2030. We can do better - the industry’s plan for the built and natural environment.

2nd March 2021 - 12 pm - 1.15 pm (GMT)

Lost session 1: Learning for the future – biodiversity and net zero as standard

It is agreed that we are in a climate and ecological emergency and that time is incredibly short if we are to deliver a net zero built environment by 2050 while also putting in place the adaptation measures to make life liveable on our crowded planet in the years ahead. We need to learn how to achieve this; placing an urgent onus on education to teach the skills, understanding and ecological standards necessary for working with our built and natural environment.

What will students need to know when they graduate in ten years’ time? What will society require of them? How fast can the education system change to accommodate the immediacy of the task?

This Edge-Futurebuild session invites experts in their field to outline their vision for built environment education in 2031 and explain how we are going to get there.

Chair: Sarah Mukherjee, Chief Executive, IEMA

  • Demand from the users – what we are calling for - Robson Augusta, Coordinator, Teach the Future student-led climate education campaign
  • The right climate for educational change - Tim Ibell, Professor of Structural Engineering, University of Bath
  • Influencing change by understanding climate and ecological risk - Sarah Ratcliffe, CEO, Better Buildings Partnership
  • Influencing policy through behaviour change and citizen support - Dr Chris Cocking, School of Health Sciences, University of Brighton

Questions managed by Simon Foxell, Principal of the Architects Practice and member of the Edge

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  • Guest speaker
    Sarah Mukherjee CEO @ IEMA

    She was the BBC's Environment Correspondent presenting on national and international BBC radio and television news. Since leaving BBC she has had leadership roles in utilities and agriculture. She was a panel member for the National Parks Review and sits on the National Food Strategy Advisory Panel.

  • Guest speaker
    Robin Nicholson Fellow @ Cullinan Studio

  • Guest speaker
    Simon Foxell Architect and Principal @ The Architects Practice and the Edge

    He was lead design adviser to Birmingham City Council’s Transforming Education programme from 2007 to 2010. He is co-ordinator for the industry think tank, the Edge, and has published widely on topics including professionalism and the social history of mapping

  • Guest speaker
    Sarah Ratcliffe CEO @ Better Buildings Partnership

    Sarah has 15+ years’ experience advising UK’s leading property investors & developers on sustainability issues. In addition to independent consultancy projects she is now a visiting lecturer on Sustainable Real Estate at Cass Business School & Board Director of the Sustainable Development Foundation

  • Guest speaker
    Dr Chris Cocking School of Health Sciences @ University of Brighton

    Dr Chris is a Principal Lecturer at the University of Brighton, with an interest in crowd behaviour during emergencies and collective resilience. Chris has been a visiting speaker at the Cabinet Office Emergency Planning College and is registered on the UK government’s COVID-19 Expert Database

  • Guest speaker
    Robson Augusta Coordinator @ Teach the Future student led climate education campaign

    Robson 18 is currently studying A level Maths Physics and Politics. He is also a climate activist and has been to and help with climate strikes. He also helped set up the XR branch in his home town.

  • Guest speaker
    Tim Ibell Professor of Structural Engineering @ University of Bath

    Tim has spent most of his career in the joint Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering at the University of Bath. He is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and a Past President of the Institution of Structural Engineers.