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Innovation Talks #3 | DTC, sustainability, self-expression: the beautiful new face of FMCG design

About this event

About this Innovation Talk

DTC, sustainability, self-expression: the beautiful new face of FMCG design | Nick Vaus, Free The Birds

If there was still a place for product to sit on the supermarket shelf waiting for consumers to come buy it, the pandemic has put an end to that. The almost overnight shift online has amplified the challenges that legacy FMCG brands were already struggling with.

Household is no exception and in this talk, Nick Vaus, partner & creative director of London-based brand agency Free The Birds, will explore the impact of the shift online and DTC selling through the lens of the emergent hybrid category ‘Beauty Household’. The category takes its packaging design and structure cues from beauty, effortlessly navigating DTC and social selling and posing a new challenge to legacy household brands, demanding a rapid response. Nick will also draw out lessons that are applicable to the wider FMCG world. 

What will I learn?

By attending this Innovation Talk, you will discover:

  • the key meta-trends affecting household that have been hyper-accelerated by COVID-19 (digital and DTC, the rise of green and natural, the inexorable rise of value, personalisation and the focus on the home as self-expression)
  • the strategic micro clusters where household brands are able to explore opportunities, illustrated by best in class, beautiful examples
  • the profound impact of sustainability on NPD, packaging design and structure
  • how mass-market legacy and private label commodity brands can reorient towards a lifestyle-centric approach, and the implications for retailers and brand owners

You will have a chance to put your questions to Nick in a Q&A session following the talk.

About Nick Vaus and Free the Birds

Nick Vaus is partner & creative director of London-based, Free The Birds, an independent branding, design and communications agency that helps elevate beauty, health and home brands through Beautiful Thinking, for clients including P&G, Coty, Marks & Spencer, Bayer, Sanofi and Nestlé.

A trained graphic and media designer at University of Arts London with over 20-years’ experience designing for some of the world’s biggest brands, Nick remains intensely curious about creativity in all its forms and how it can reinvent the everyday for the better; whether that’s sustainable packaging, immersive brand experiences or compelling digital brandscapes and beyond.


About Innovation Talks by Easyfairs

This talk is the first in a series of online Innovation Talks exploring the challenges and opportunities in packaging design and development for the beauty, luxury, drinks and FMCG markets.

Innovation Talks bring the best thinking in packaging design and development from the market's key leaders and influencers, offering new insights and a vision of the future of the packaging market.

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  • Guest speaker
    Nick Vaus Partner and Creative Director @ Free the Birds

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    Colette Beal Technical Marketing Manager @ Easyfairs UK & Global