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Lab Live: Sustainability

About this event

Did you know that the average Laboratory uses 5 times as much energy as the average office building? Sustainability can no longer afford to be seen as a trend, developing sustainable practices can become habits to be incorporated into many areas of life, and this includes in the lab.

There are many ways of improving sustainable practices within the industry, from going paperless to using and maintaining lab equipment effectively, to reducing plastic and water usage. At Lab Live: Sustainability edition we aim to highlight some of the leading sustainable practices, products and initiatives within the laboratory industry and give you practical advice on improving the environmental friendliness of your company.

With leading speakers from Green Light Laboratories, Kimberly-Clark and University College London, this event is one you won't want to miss.

Sessions include...

My Favourite Science Fiction Movies & Lab Equipment Sustainability - Andy Evans, Director of Green Light Laboratories

Session Outline: We’ll be looking at some of the great Sci-Fi movies that we all love and how they relate to actions any laboratory could take to be sustainable including tips for:

  • Best Practice
  • Procurement
  • Product Performance & Running Costs
  • Greenwashing
  • Total Life Costs & much more...

LEAF and Sustainable Laboratories - Martin Farley, Sustainable Laboratory Advisor, UCL

Outline: Laboratories are extremely energy intensive, and require immense consumption of consumables (often single-use plastics). Much is being done to mitigate these impacts, as green and sustainable lab initiatives grow globally. LEAF, developed by UCL, is a standard in sustainable laboratory operations. It helps users address the sustainability of areas like plastics, equipment, and waste. It has now been launched as an online tool in dozens of institutions. This webinar will include:

  • An introduction to sustainable and green labs
  • How the LEAF standard works, outcomes, and future directions
  • Supporting resources available
  • Questions and discussion

Enhancing Your Sustainability Strategy - Harleen Chima, Scientific Sales Manager UK & Rob Hunt, Scientific Sales Manager UK and Ireland, Kimberly-Clark

Outline: This presentation will consider the impact the pandemic had on our environment and how our behaviour and expectations regarding recycling have changed as a consequence. Rob and Harleen will also propose a solution that helps companies achieve their sustainability goals by diverting used PPE from landfills.

Stay tuned for further session announcements!

Visit the Lab Live website here.

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