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The digital tools we need to navigate a whole new world

About this event

There is no question that technology has transformed, and will continue to transform businesses across all industries, radically altering both the client experience and the inner workings of our organisations.

The construction industry, in particular, has witnessed rapid upheaval over the past decade and digital technology has unlocked unprecedented opportunities for growth through the increase in understanding and adoption of BIM, and the move to ‘digital construction’ in recent years.

So much so that BIM, and only BIM is often thought of as being synonymous with digital construction. However, the scope of digitalisation is much wider than this and we need to consider a wider set of skills. There are many (many) exciting new technologies to explore and utilise in ways to build safer and smarter.

In 2020 we find ourselves facing new challenges and now the question is no longer shall we embark on digital transformation, but when will we.

In order to fully capitalise on future opportunities, many businesses within our industry will most likely need a full digital overhaul. Saying you’re going to “do digital” is not enough. We need to embed digital in every aspect of our business, transforming people, processes and technology.

The invasion of the coronavirus has shaken our industry and we are now living in a whole new world. Those of us who open our (virtual) doors to digital transformation will be the ones who navigate their way to victory. It is time to look at things differently and view this covid-crisis as a catalyst for new ways of working, and in doing so, create a positive digital legacy.

In this virtual panel debate, we will discuss what digital tools we need to not only survive but to thrive, win new work and secure the future of our teams and our organisations.

We will begin by defining what digital transformation means and how to develop your digital investment strategy. Starting from design and build stages through to digital asset information management.

The panel debate will be followed by a live Q&A session, where you can pose your questions to our experts.

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Webinar Chair:

John Adams, Head of Products, Glider

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  • Guest speaker
    Mark Coates Director Strategic Industry Engagement @ Bentley Systems

    Mark leads Bentley System’s strategic industry engagement, keeping a keen eye on the latest industry trends and their impact on delivering successful projects. He’s a former quantity surveyor with an extensive background in global project delivery and has worked on numerous infrastructure projects.

  • Guest speaker
    Hadeel Saadoon Estates Digital Services – BIM Manager @ Coventry University

    Hadeel is a Chartered Architectural Technologist & BIM specialist promoting the use of Digital Technologies in the AECO industry. Working as Coventry University Estates' BIM Manager, she leads the BIM implementation & digital transformation strategy across Estates operation & development projects.

  • Guest speaker
    David Philp Impact Director @ Digital Construction Innovation Hub

    An early adopter of practical change and purposeful collaboration, David is a Chartered Construction Manager by background and Impact Director – Digital at the Construction Innovation Hub. He has been involved in delivering innovative BIM and digital asset management strategies across the globe.

  • Guest speaker
    John Adams Head of Products @ Glider

    John is a strong voice for Glider and leads the gliderbim® product direction. He also delivers talks on behalf of the UK BIM Alliance and uses his platform to be a conscientious disruptor, with a positive and challenging stance to increase BIM adoption and improve information management standards across the industry.

  • Guest speaker
    Marie Grieve Managing Director @ Costello Palmer Communications

    Marie has 18 years experience of working in marketing and business development and in 2015 Marie founded Costello Palmer Communications, a marketing and communications consultancy specialising in digital content and high-performance strategic delivery for a global client base.