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The Secrets of Successful LIMS Configuration with Samuel Clark, Autoscribe Informatics

About this event

Are you interested in learning the secrets of LIMS configuration to allow easier modifications, extensions and upgrades? How can you ensure your implementation is successful? All laboratories are different, and therefore LIMS need to be configured to meet differing needs, as well as to be regularly updated to ensure long-term success.

Using Autoscribe Informatics' experience of hundreds of LIMS projects this session will show you the secrets of configuration, ‘best practice’ configuration techniques, and how to avoid disaster.

Attendees will learn:

· What types of “configuration” exist in the market

· How to determine which type a vendor uses

· The reasons people require configuration

· The value of choosing truly configurable software

· How to make your LIMS project a success

· Examples of best practice to ensure your LIMS project runs smoothly

Learn what drives successful LIMS projects, unwrap the secrets of configuration, and discover the pitfalls to avoid, in this fast-paced informative webinar. Make sure to register now!

This session will be led by Samuel Clark, LIMS Consultant at Autoscribe Informatics.

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