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Understand your supply chain to bounce back stronger with Aristides Matopoulos

About this event

Never let a good crisis go to waste - understand your supply chain to bounce back stronger with Aristides Matopoulos, Associate Professor in Supply Chain Design & Logistics Systems, Aston University

Firms neither exist nor compete in isolation. Their fates are tied up with those of their supply chain partners. This raises an important question: Do you really know your company’s supply chain? The Covid-19 pandemic showed that many companies were “flying in the dark” with limited understanding of their supply chain.

The goal of this webinar is to discuss key actions for navigating through the crisis in the short, medium and long term and also how an improved understanding of your supply chain can help you to achieve your objectives. 

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    Aristides Matopoulos Aston University

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    Charlie Taylor Marketing Executive @ Easyfairs

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    Peter Crook Head of Sales @ Advanced Engineering