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Why You Should Consider the Restek Biphenyl as a Primary Liquid Chromatography Stationary Phase—and When

About this event

Why do people use C18 as a stationary phase? What are the strengths and limitations of using a C18 phase? Is there a better option for some applications?

In our upcoming Lab Live session, Luke Staff from Restek Thames will consider a different phase, the Restek Biphenyl.

Luke will look at the modes of interactions and how you can get the most out of the phase selectivity. He will also consider the characteristics of both columns and how the Restek Biphenyl can be a better choice over a C18 for certain applications and compound classes.

You would benefit from attending this digital talk if:

• You regularly performing liquid chromatography method development.

• You are familiar with Liquid Chromatography but want to broaden your column base.

• You want to learn more about the principles of stationary phase selection.

This session will be led by Luke Staff. Luke has been working with Chromatography, predominantly Liquid Chromatography, for the last 10 years. Since 2016, he has been Restek Thames’ Liquid Chromatography specialist (in the UK and Ireland), working closely with customers to provide technical support, advice in column selection and assist with the development of liquid chromatography separations.

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