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A Disappearing Act | The engineering of sculptures

About this webinar

Art has the power and intention of making you think differently - and providing engineering for Artworks is no exception. When collaborating with artists, the engineer’s ultimate achievement is not to provide a display of technical achievement, but to become invisible...

This is always a creative challenge. When a piece which is delicate or fragile in spirit is confronted with the safety requirements of the public realm, the engineer must walk the tightrope of “just enough but no more”, providing reassurance and technical justification, without destroying the magic of the piece.

This presentation tells a story of working with artists; a fascinating adventure in communication, understanding and mutual persuasion, searching together for solutions which align the points of synergy between art and engineering science. 

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    Mitsu Edwards Associate Director @ Eckersley O'Callaghan - EOC Engineers

    Engineer - Facades and Special Structures

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