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Machine Learning 101 & Predictive Buyer Scoring: How to Personalize your UX for Conversion

About this webinar

As the e-commerce industry continues on its path of innovation, AI has taken to the forefront of innovating the customer experience. 

What was once science fiction is now very much a reality- and online retailers are jumping on board and trying out new ways to implement this into their business models. 

This webinar, "Machine Learning 101 and Predictive Buyer Scoring: How to Personalize your UX for Conversion" will delve into these topics, teaching you how to use AI that learns about your customer's behavior from the time they land on your page. Our guests, Jerry Abiog and Suresh Mahadevan of DXi will give you insight into the world of AI and its implications for e-commerce UX personalization. 

What you'll learn:

  • How Machine Learning can give you real data on how your customers behave on your site
  • How a Predictive Buyer Score can allow you to make the best offers to customers with the highest likelihood to purchase
  • How to improve your conversion rate across a span of customers with UX personalization
  • How to apply Machine learning practically to your e-commerce

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BONUS: There will be a special offer for online sellers and digital marketers! 

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  • Guest speaker
    Suresh Mahadevan VP of Technology @ DXi

    Suresh has over 25 years of experience in architecting and designing IT Enterprise Solutions with specialization in Business Intelligence, Business Process Management Systems and Data Integration solutions.

  • Guest speaker
    Whitney Blankenship Whitney Blankenship Is the Director of International Content Strategy @ E-Commerce Nation

  • Guest speaker
    Jerry Abiog VP Sales and Marketing @ DXi

    15+ years of sales and business development experience in software, professional services and lending. Proven ability to develop and implement strategies for penetrating target industry verticals and businesses, achieving access to key decision-makers and closing deals.

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