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EcoMundo invites you to their webinar

Chrome VI: How to prepare for inspections and anticipate future authorisation dossiers?

About this webinar

The Commission postponed its decision on CTACsub's application for authorisation to a later date. This is a new challenge for Chromium VI users. They must comply with the authorisation granted while anticipating any additional needs.

As soon as the decision is adopted and published, users will not only have to notify their uses to ECHA, but also prepare for inspections by the competent local authorities. 

In order to increase the chances of success, it is strongly recommended to adopt a strategy in the context of inspections but also in the event of possible renewals of authorisations. 

How to prepare for inspections?

What are the solutions to ensure the sustainability and safety of your activities? 

What are the essential prerequisites and what strategy should be adopted to obtain an appropriate authorisation period?


  • All you need to know about the latest elements that may influence the analysis of the CTACSub dossier 
  • Know the regulatory procedures, as a Chromium VI user, covered by the CTACSub dossier
  • Anticipate a renewal of authorisation to obtain an appropriate review period

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Béatrice Zaremba Authorisation REACH & Public Affairs Consultant @ EcoMundo

    Former environmental lawyer, Béatrice brings her legal experience and knowledge of the European institutional wheels thanks to her career in the European Parliament and the European Commission's Directorate General Environment.

  • Guest speaker
    Benoît Sotton PhD, Ecotoxicologist Expert - Scientific Director @ EcoMundo

    As a former researcher specialising in environmental projects (ecology and ecotoxicology), Benoît brings his knowledge as an expert on CSR exposure scenarios, risk assessment and REACH Regulation.


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