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EcoMundo invites you to their webinar

How to write a 100% compliant Safety Data Sheet?

About this webinar

The use of dangerous substances and preparations requires companies to have a Safety Data Sheet (SDS). It is the main communication tool throughout the supply chain. 

The compliance of an SDS is subject to many rules. Drafting it means integrating general information but also information very specific to your case and your practices. In addition, it must be translated into as many languages as countries in which it is made available. 

The SDS is the central document for the management of your products. Risk management for HSEs, procurement strategy for buyers, information for customs, poison control centres and DREAL (regional directorate for the environment, development and housing)... It is essential that the information provided complies with REACH Regulation. 

With compliant SDSs, you avoid blocking your products in customs and control your risks on site. In this webinar, discover the key points of how to write an SDS properly.


  • Composition and classification
  • Transport regulations: UN/ADR ("Accord for Dangerous Goods by Road" of the United Nations)
  • Translation and modification

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  • Guest speaker
    Renaud Germain-Thomas REACh & CLP/GHS Manager @ EcoMundo


We are specialists in chemical substances, their action on human health and the environment as well as the international regulations that govern chemical risk.

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