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Care navigation from the admin lead of a total triage practice

About this event

Join our webinar to hear from an experienced Care Navigation Lead, Rachel Madden, and Dr James Perry, both from Marine Lake Medical Practice in The Wirral, about how they have successfully implemented total triage at their practice.

In this session we will be talking about:

  1. Setting up a care navigation team
  2. Overview of team members
  3. How they were chosen for their roles
  4. Their skillsets
  5. Management of teams
  6. Leading the triage team
  7. Developments/changes implemented
  8. Daily routine
  9. Overview of different aspects of the job and how we balance/prioritize that
  10. How job has developed since we began
  11. Practical examples
  12. Demonstration of eConsult process
  13. Overview of guidance documents
  14. Q&A session

This webinar is open to anyone in the practice team who is wanting to learn from a high-performing total triage practice!

Although Marine Lake Medical Practice uses EMIS, these lessons are applicable to all practices and clinical systems.

This webinar was recorded in June 2022.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    JP T
    James Perry Clinical Lead of Transformation @ eConsult Health

  • Guest speaker
    Rachel Madden Care Navigation Lead @ Marine Lake Medical Practice

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