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eConsult Product update - June 2022

About this event

We’ve been working flat out on the Smart Inbox, our improved consultation viewing and management platform - we can’t wait to show you all it does! We know you’ll be as excited as we are and as this BETA user is 👇

“Such a transformed triage session this morning after using the Smart Inbox! We were able to use sort and filter as we went through the list making the process so much more efficient! Off to such a great start!”

Capping is a hot topic 🔥 Managing your demand is something we want to help with, which is why we’ve been testing the first iteration with practices. Join us to find out more about how the feature will develop and how you can get involved.

In this session, we'll run through…

What we’ve been working on this quarter, in particular:

Smart Inbox

We have launched the first version of our new Smart Inbox in BETA 🙌 We’ll show you what it can do so far and reveal some exciting plans for the future:

  • Review, triage and manage your online consultations at scale directly in our web-based Inbox
  • Respond to a patient directly from the Inbox as you review their consultation, making it really easy to communicate with your patients
  • Sync your Inbox to the patient record and see how it works alongside your existing tools

Daily capping

Our brand new capping feature will give you the tools to manage the inbound demand to your practice. The first version will allow you to set consultation limits for each day you are open - but we will be working on enhanced functionality such as splitting caps by consultation type very soon after.

What we’ll be working on next quarter

  • A much slicker patient landing experience 🤩
  • Ability to disable specific questions (e.g. QOF)
  • Reducing the frequency of urgent warnings that direct patients to call the practice
  • Redirection nudges e.g. towards pharmacy (supporting CPCS)

To ensure we deliver what you want, we’re focusing more on piloting new features with groups of practices - so make sure that you’re signed up to our user research group to be the first to find out about these!

Your feedback is helping us prioritise what new features we develop and how we improve eConsult to better suit your needs and those of your patients. You can have a look at our roadmap at any time to feedback or submit new ideas.

Join us to find out how together we're evolving eConsult!

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