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Introduction to Smart Inbox

About this event

Our Smart Inbox will be a feature-packed, AI-driven inbox optimised for triage speed and accuracy that can be used at single practice or at scale.

  • Simple and easy to use solution to visualise, prioritise and manage your digital queue from the browser
  • eConsult native workflow tool that leverages our best-in-class history collection to increase clinical safety and efficiency
  • Streamlined triage with self-setup rules and/or AI triage recommendations engine
  • Interop out-of-the-box with your clinical system allowing for saving to record, allocation to slots, resources rota sync etc.
  • Customisable to cater to the unique needs of the Practice / PCN / eHub
  • Control centre to administer the tools available, allowing you to easily create or amend views, tagging, workflow status etc

Thanks to everyone who has already helped us with user research testing - you're co-creating an exciting new platform to meet all of your needs, and we're so excited to share this with you.

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