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eConsult Health Limited invites you to their event

Masterclass: How Blackwood Medical Group in Wales uses eConsult

About this event

Blackwood Medical Group in Gwent started using eConsult in June 2020, after initially using a free-text only online consultation platform.

Hear from GP Dr Rizwan Hussain about how the practice:

  • Did their research about eConsult and planned how they would use it in practice
  • Navigate eConsults within their practice so that patients are seen by the right person at the right time
  • Caters for patients who cannot go online thanks to the reception team using eConsult Lite

Dr Tom Hodges-Hoyland, GP at Ashgrove Surgery in Pontypridd and Vision Medical Advisor will also be on hand to talk through Vision interoperability.

The eConsult Transformation team will be on hand to show you the eConsult toolbar and how it can make responding to patients faster and easier.

What does Blackwood Medical Group think about eConsult?

“Our working day is much smoother. We’re much happier because eConsult is allowing us to make a decision, there and then. We can either safely treat or get any extra information over the phone, video or in-person to complete the consultation. That front-loading of the information has been a revelation. Essentially, you’re not only starting the consultation but it’s doing most of the consultation and allowing you to safely deal with that within the practice.”

Find out more about how Blackwood Medical Group uses eConsult in our case study.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Rizwan Hussain GP @ Blackwood Medical Group

  • Guest speaker
    Tom Hodges-Hoyland GP & Vision Medical Advisor @ Ashgrove Surgery

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