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Masterclass: Remote management of patients

About this event

Remote consultations can require new skills, but eConsult makes the triage and remote management of patients easier by providing you with structured patient histories.

Watch Dr Gurb Badial and Dr Ross Dyer-Smith, co-founders of the first NHS online consultation hub, as they share their expertise in reviewing eConsults with a view to manage these patients remotely, and run through some examples of how they might manage some example eConsults.

Please note this webinar was originally recorded in June 2020 on a different platform. As such, the first few seconds of the webinar might be a bit blurry, but this quickly resolves.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Ross Dyer-Smith GP Partner @ Hurley Group

  • Guest speaker
    Gurb Badial Deputy Medical Director @ Hurley Group

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We've created the most widely used digital triage systems in the NHS across primary and secondary care.

We're born from the NHS and led by working clinicians, prioritising safe and effective triage to ensure patients receive the right healthcare first time, every time.