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Proxy access: introduction to the feature

About this event

Join us to find out more about this feature and what it means for your practice and patients!

We're soon to launch our proxy access features allowing submissions on behalf of someone else (e.g. a carer or parent).

The feature allows someone else to submit an eConsult on behalf of a patient. The submitter must provide their own contact details and their relationship to the patient, alongside the patient's details.

The eConsult report will show who the request was submitted by as well as the post-consultation contact preference i.e. whether the response should preferably go to the patient or the submitter.

Post-consult messaging options will be updated to allow for an email or SMS response to either the submitter or patient directly through the eConsult toolbar (the practice is ultimately the decision-maker and can choose who to contact based on your own local guidelines).

This feature will be turned on by default for all NHS practices once it goes live, although practices have the ability to opt out before then.

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    Maddie Durnall Head of Account Management @ eConsult

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    Adam Goodman Product Manager @ eConsult Health Ltd

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