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eConsult Smart Inbox: We've built the best way to triage - your way

About this event

Join us to get an exciting sneak peek at our Smart Inbox - a customisable and collaborative way for you to view, manage and respond to your patients' needs, from anywhere and at any scale...

Meet the eConsult Smart Inbox...

We've been testing our BETA version of the Smart Inbox with a few lucky practices and taking their feedback onboard. Join us for this webinar to hear from them and to see what it can do so far!

We'll also reveal some exciting plans for the future, such as:

  • Review, triage and manage your online consultations at scale directly in our web-based Inbox
  • Respond to a patient directly from the Inbox as you review their consultation, making it really easy to communicate with your patients
  • Sync your Inbox to the patient record and see how it works alongside your existing tools
“Such a transformed triage session this morning after using the Smart Inbox! We were able to use sort and filter as we went through the list making the process so much more efficient! Off to such a great start!” Smart Inbox BETA user

What is the eConsult Smart Inbox?

Built to work for single or multiple practices with change management support for setting up an eHub for federated PCN working:

  • Signpost: View, filter and sort your eConsult queue to easily triage patients based on type of consultation (clinical vs administrative), number of flags (acuity), age or time since submission.
  • Collaborate: Assign eConsults to specific roles, select their response urgency and mode and leave notes for colleagues.
  • Interop & code: Save consultation information, outcomes and SNOMED codes into the patient record, with connections to the appointment book to manage and track your patient contacts.
  • Communicate: Pick your communication channel, use custom responses, and allow patients to respond and see their replies in a thread - all in one view.
  • Scalable: Built to work for single or multiple practices with change management support for setting up an eHub for federated PCN working.

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Image illustrative of features that the Smart Inbox will have but are not necessarily already available. This webinar was recorded in July 2022.

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