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Healthinote: How to share reliable health information with patients

About this event

All eConsult customers now have access to Healthinote, a search engine of reliable patient information for the creation of information prescriptions. You can easily share health information from trusted sources such as the NHS A-Z library and HCI's Health and Care Videos.

Join us to find out more about Healthinote and how to access these resources from eConsult's Post Consult Message features and the eConsult toolbar.

Healthinote is a partner of eConsult Health Ltd. This webinar was originally recorded in December 2020.

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  • Guest speaker
    Alex Merckx Director of Marketing and Partnerships @ Cognitant

  • Guest speaker
    Juhi Tandon Clinical Director & Co-Founder @ Cognitant

  • Guest speaker
    Richard Wyatt-Haines Director @ HCI Digital

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