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Connecting to Children - By Tom Drummond

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Teacher-child interactions on the floor are arguably the most important part of early education, the area of practice that most influences outcomes. It's an area you need to get right, for every child. These interactions require a deep and trusting relationship between teacher and child. And yet making these crucial connections to children is not always easy.

In this free webinar, Seattle-based Tom Drummond -- a highly-respected and well-followed thought leader in early education in the US -- will share practical ways for teachers to open up a connection to each child and enhance those all-important interactions. These insights are the culmination of his many years in early education, focused on learning stories and on teacher-child interactions.

The webinar covers 4 modules from the section on his website on connecting to children:

  1. Expressing Warmth to Children,
  2. Playing Responsively,
  3. Talking Informatively and
  4. Attending to Initiative and Cooperation, and Perseverance.

Part of Tom's gift to the early childhood education community is his website of thoughts and writing on a range of topics: Connecting to Children, Enterprise Talk, Cultivating Conversations, Leadership and Care, and Indicator Checklists.

"These make better educators, more highly evolved human beings, and happier people."

We feel privileged to have Tom present for us, he's an inspiration to us all. We hope you can join us.

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Tom Drummond is an emeritus educator of children and adults. More than a teacher, Drummond is a storyteller — a learning storyteller. For 36 years, Drummond taught preschool children and educated their teachers as an early childhood education instructor at North Seattle College.

Since 1970 when Tom started learning about schools for young children, he developed resources for early childhood educators and families. Tom has created a website of resources, and encourages you to use whatever you like. Here is a link to his website.

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