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5 Simple Steps To Help You Manage, Motivate and Retain Great Staff, by Julie Bartkus

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Unmotivated staff can be a secret profit killer. It’s not something that you can easily quantify because it has to do with your people, how productive they are and what they tell their friends about where they work.

Is your team authentically and genuinely happy? Are they your raving fans? Are you spinning your wheels hiring and rehiring, training and retraining; trying to figure out how to achieve sustained motivation and have your staff function as a dynamic, positive and productive team? Do you wish you could take a day off without worry? Does the anxiety set in on Sunday evening as you think about what’s going to unfold during the week?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you’ll want to get your phone out right now and set the alarm on it so you don’t miss this webinar!

During this FREE webinar, your host, child care business success mentor Julie Bartkus, will share a step-by-step plan of action to help you cultivate your positive workplace culture and transform unmotivated staff into your raving fans.

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Note also that registrants who attend the entirety of the live webinar will receive an Attendance Certificate. And we will be awarding online gift certificate door prizes at the end of the webinar.

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About your host

Julie Bartkus is an internationally-known child care business success mentor, workplace transformationalist and best-selling author of Child Care Business Success.

Julie has been transforming child care workplaces for going on 20 years and can’t wait to share with you time-tested, results-getting strategies to help you create your positive, productive and profitable child care program.

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    JB G
    Julie Bartkus Founder @ Child Care Business Success and Child Care Program of Excellence

    Julie Bartkus is a child care business success mentor, workplace transformationalist and best-selling author of Child Care Business Success.

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    Educa Moderator Educa

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