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Programme Planning: Track Learning (for New Zealand)

About this event

Planning is an integral part of early childhood education. Use Educa to create and share plans, using links to Learning Stories to show the strength of your planning.

Mastery of this topic will mean teachers can:

  • Create and publish plans
  • Use drafts to save work and continue later on.
  • Use plans to link learning stories and describe a larger journey.
  • Manage access to plans.

Programme Planning scope:

  • Creating an Individual Plan using a planning template
  • Collaborating on plans (teachers and whanau)
  • Analysing various Reports to guide the learning focus
Please note that all participants are required to use Google Chrome as their web browser when they attend this workshop. This is to avoid any technical issue e.g. sound difficulties or connection lag.

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    Chetique Paul Educa Support Specialist @ Educa

    As an Educa Support Specialist, I apply my almost 7 years of experience in service to provide an insightful, informative and stimulating understanding of Educa. Helping teachers to apply this platform to their daily teaching journey.

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    Educa Moderator From Educa Customer Happiness Manager @ Educa

    Educa is a documentation and sharing platform using Learning Stories for authentic assessment. It serves early childhood educators primarily in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Canada.


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