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Quality Focused Collaboration: Mastering Educa in 4 Weeks (Week 2)

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Mastering Educa In 4 Weeks: Week 2

Collaboration is at the heart of any successful team. This webinar will demonstrate how you can use Educa to foster a collaborative approach to improve teaching standards across your centre. 

In the second session of this four week course, we will learn how to:

  • Communicate as a team online.
  • Enable experienced educators to monitor quality.
  • Reflect on your professional development, with support from mentors. 
  • Work as a team to reflect on the quality of your service.

Using real life examples, we will explore how bringing the team together can help improve quality.

Whether you’re an experienced Educa user or a first timer, this session will show you an alternative perspective of Educa, one that is educator focused. 

This is the second workshop of a four part course. If you attend all four workshops you’ll receive a certificate certifying your participation and commitment to e-portfolios. 

Sign up for week 3 here.

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    Educa is a documentation and sharing platform using Learning Stories for authentic assessment. It serves early childhood educators primarily in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Canada.


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