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"How I Became an Engineering Leader" with Ariel Weinberger

About this event

Only months after The Great Resignation competition for software engineering jobs remains high. Is now the time to level up your career?

Join HOW I BECAME AN ENGINEERING LEADER: DEVELOPER TO ENGINEERING MANAGER AND BEYOND, a collaborative discussion with developers turned engineering managers.

We’ll cover…

  • Motivations for becoming an Engineering Manager
  • Individual Contributor vs people manager
  • In-demand skills developers need to have
  • Benefits and drawbacks of Engineering Management
  • Live Q&A

Ariel Weinberger is Vice President of Research & Development at Amplication. With over a decade of experience in software development, he grew to leading an engineering department of 60+ engineers.

Steven Yi is Vice President of Marketing and Growth at Educative. He is a developer-focused growth marketing leader with hands-on expertise as a former software architect across multiple platforms, devices, and cloud, including leading the global marketing launch of Microsoft Azure.


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    Ariel Weinberger

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    Steven Yi VP Growth & Marketing @ Educative


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