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How to Lead a High-Performing Engineering Team with Brian Leonard

About this event

How do you measure the performance of your developer team? Managing a high-performing engineering team is often easier said than done, and it requires the right set of skills and tools.

In this webinar, we talk with our guest Brian Leonard about his experiences with performance management, leading his engineering teams to continuous success.


  • Key metrics for measuring team success
  • Team productivity and optimization strategies
  • Improving time-to-productivity for junior developers
  • Identifying and managing signs of low performance
  • Challenges with scaling a developer team
  • Building and growing your own engineering team


Brian Leonard ( is the Director of Connector Engineering at Airbyte (, the open source data movement tool that makes it easy to bring data together to solve business problems. Before that, he was a co-founder at Grouparoo, another open-source data tool, and TaskRabbit, a pioneer in the gig economy.


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  • Guest speaker
    Brian Leonard Director of Engineering @ Airbyte

    Brian Leonard ( is the Director of Engineering and Connectors with Airbyte ( He is formerly the CEO and co-founder of Grouparoo (acquired by Airbyte) and the technical co-founder and CTO of TaskRabbit. He enjoys hanging out with his family, traveling, learning new things, and building software that makes people's lives easier.


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