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Upskilling Lab #2: Mastering Workforce Transformation - Valentine's Edition 💌

About this event

Imagine a digital-first world. Take top-notch skills-based learning strategies. Add lots of personalization. Sprinkle over a touch of humor and fun. Shake it up vigorously.

What do you get?

The Upskilling Lab: Mastering Workforce Transformation - Valentine's Edition 💌

edyoucated invites you to its second Upskilling Lab to concoct the perfect skill-based learning formula. During this event we will discuss why skill-based learning is the future and how you can manage the transition from jobs to skills. We demystify powerful concepts such as skill taxonomies, skill profiles and skill analytics. Plus, seasoned experts explained how to put these powerful tools into practice and convince your leadership and learners to get on board.

Stay tuned for more information.

P.S: We promise you will fall in love with skill-based workforce development.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Ross Stevenson Founder @ Steal These Thoughts!

  • Team member
    David Middelbeck Co-Founder & Managing Director @ edyoucated

  • Guest speaker
    Andrea Korcekova Associate Director Skills Architect @ Novartis

  • Guest speaker
    Markus Lecke Squad Lead & Product Owner Corporate Skill Management @ Deutsche Telekom AG


Transform skill-building from one-size-fits-all into personalized, engaging, and measurable learning experiences.