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GS1 Innovation Café - Towards a circular economy for plastic packaging

About this webinar

At the crossroads of innovation and standardisation, professionals are invited to come together for an afternoon to discuss the potentials and pitfalls of tomorrow's technologies. 

GS1 Innovation Café is a recurring yet unique networking & information event by GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg.

Towards a circular economy for plastic packaging

After 45 years of supporting companies to increase efficiency and reduce frictions and costs in the supply chains, GS1 is now entering a new era. More specifically: a greener era!

Sustainability has become a key driver for - profitable - business for consumers, regulators and trading partners.

GS1 is now stepping on board with companies rethinking and restructuring their operating models, proving how open and standardized data will be the fundamentals for a new way to deliver a sustainable performance.

During this GS1 Innovation Café we will not only hear from regulators why sustainability is now high on the agenda, but we will also dive into a specific project on the improvement of intelligent sorting in the recycling of plastics. This project, led by AIM, is called HolyGrail 2.0, and includes over 90 participating companies such as P&G and GS1 in Europe.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    FP G
    Francesca Poggiali Public Policy Director Europe @ GS1

  • Guest speaker
    JS G
    Jan Somers CEO @ GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg

  • Guest speaker
    SB G
    Saida Blok Communication Advisor @ GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg

  • Guest speaker
    GD G
    Gian De Belder Technical Director @ Procter & Gamble

  • Guest speaker
    MD G
    Maja Desgrees du Lou Policy Officer for Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive @ European Commission

  • Guest speaker
    KA G
    Karen Arkesteyn Innovation Manager & Product Specialist @ GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg

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