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Einride Webinar – Sustainable road freight: Why now is the time to make the switch

About this event

For many businesses, sustainable road freight is an essential lever for achieving their CO2e-reduction targets, providing advantages over mitigation measures like carbon offsetting. Find out why battery electric technology is the best option for cost-effective, decarbonized transportation – compared to alternatives such as hydrogen-powered fuel cells and HVO – and discover how intelligently deployed electric freight can help sustainability and procurement managers make strides toward their goals.

We will explore:

  • Why freight matters for sustainability managers
  • What makes battery electric the winning technology against alternatives such as HVO biofuel and hydrogen-powered fuel cells
  • Why now is the time to go electric
  • How digitalization can help shippers maximize CO2e savings
  • How businesses can get started with the electric transition

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    David Cebon Professor of Mechanical Engineering @ University of Cambridge

  • Guest speaker
    Isabelle Källenius Director Strategic Growth EMEA @ Einride

  • Guest speaker
    Isabelle Ji Senior Director, Solution Architecture & Strategy North America @ Einride


Einride designs, develops and deploys freight mobility technologies to accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation. Its service is based on a turnkey solution that includes electric and autonomous heavy-duty vehicles, charging infrastructure and an intelligent freight operating system.