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Structurally Consistent Relative Geological Time Model

About this event

PaleoScanTM provides a semi-automated solution for seismic interpretation, leading to the creation of a geological time model from which a variety of objects such as horizon stacks, geobodies can be derived for prospection analysis.

Traditionally, PaleoScanTM relies on a network of automatically propagated seismic reflectors over the whole volume to constrain the geometry of the geological time models. Although the efficiency of this method has long been proved, one may seek for a more comprehensive control of the interpretation (e.g. possibility to only account for the key reflectors in a complex seismic interval) to generate an accurate model, spontaneously honoring the structural deformation induced by faulting. PaleoScanTM 2020 now offers an alternative to the traditional model, where the interaction between reflectors selected by the interpreter and the faults is smartly used to generate an accurate and structurally consistent model.

Join in for a 1h-session to discover the potential of a new type of geological time model, with a comparison of the traditional model, sustained by an interpretation applied on real data.

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