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Co-demo: Carrying a 4kg - 8,8 lbs payload with a tethered drone at 90m - 295ft

About this event

During this co-demonstration with our partner Hexadrone, discover how the Tundra drone tethered to our Safe-T 2 ground station can carry 4kg / 8,8 lbs of payload for continuous flight missions of several hours at an altitude up to 90m (295 feet).

About the Safe-T 2 tethered station:

Discover the Safe-T 2 in action. Compatible with most drones on the market, it allows long-duration static flights in demanding conditions due to its robust design and IP54 certification. The Safe-T 2 can be deployed in just a few minutes and is ideal for obtaining uninterrupted aerial views of large perimeters for several hours or the deployment of pop-up communication networks.

About the Tundra drone:

Discover the modular, rugged, and multifunctional drone from French manufacturer Hexadrone. Designed according to an open-innovation logic, the Tundra can carry up to 6kg untethered and 4kg when tethered to the Safe-T 2 Station.

Duration of the demonstration: 45 minutes

  • Presentation of Elistair and Hexadrone
  • Setup of the Tundra with it's 4 Kg / 8,8 lbs payload and with the Safe-T 2 tethered station
  • Flight of the tethered Tundra and focus on the heavy lift applications
  • Landing
  • Questions and Answers in live via the chat application

Please feel free to ask your questions on the live chat throughout the demonstration.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Alexandre Labesse CEO @ Hexadrone

    Alexandre is the CEO and Founder of Hexadrone, and has been working in the drone industry for 12 years. With his team, he developed a modular, rugged, multifunctional, and scalable drone: the Tundra. This UAV was created in an open-innovation logic and designed for the defense and industrial markets.


The Tethered Drone Company

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in France, Elistair develops tethered drones and powered tethering stations for third-party drones, turning small multi-rotor vehicles into airborne platforms for persistent surveillance and high-speed telecommunications.