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REPLAY - Automated threats detection with tethered drone and video content analysis solution

About this event

During this demonstration, we showcased how a tethered drone can be deployed with live video analysis software to detect specific threats, weapons, groups, and protect sensitive areas.

Persistent aerial observation

Discover Elistair's tethered stations, compatible with commercially available drones and allowing them to perform long duration static flights. These solutions can be deployed in a few minutes and are ideal for quickly obtaining a wide aerial view of a area.

Real time video analysis: weapon detection and anti-intrusion operation

Discover Two-i, a European company offering computer vision technology solutions capable of detecting, determining and identifying events in space and time and providing behavioural analysis and other forms of anomalous situation detection.

Length of the Demonstration – 45 minutes

  • Introduction of Elistair and Two-i
  • Presentation of the SAFE-T 2 and LIGH-T 4 tethered drone stations
  • Take-Off of the DJI M300 tethered to Elistair station and equipped with the Zenmuse H20 camera
  • Presentation of Two-i Video Content Analysis solution
  • Flight monitoring with Elistair T-monitor application
  • Perimeter surveillance and weapons detection with video analysis solution
  • Landing
  • Focus on the set up of the DJI M300 with Elistair station

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    Elistair Team Live Demo Host @ ELISTAIR

    With offices in France and Boston, Elistair develops tethered drones and powered tethering stations for third-party drones. Elistair’s products are deployed with militaries, police forces, public security departments and private companies in more than 60 countries.


The Tethered Drone Company

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in France, Elistair develops tethered drones and powered tethering stations for third-party drones, turning small multi-rotor vehicles into airborne platforms for persistent surveillance and high-speed telecommunications.