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iNELS Webinars 2023

About this event

Dear Partners,

We would like to invite you to join us in our webinar for the first half of the year 2023.

The webinar will address the topics

In this webinar we will give you the opportunity to hear about the iNELS latest developments and features in hardware and software. The webinar also cover the product portfolio, program, logics, its application and solution in various industry.

Please find below the webinar details:

Webinar: iDM3- iNELS design manager, Quick start and initial setup. 9th Feb 2023

Webinar: iDM3- iNELS design manager, functions and logics. 16th March 2023

Webinar: iNELS Cloud, control your devices through web page. 13th April 2023

Webinar: iNELS rule engine and user management and permission. 25th May 2023

Webinar: MQTT on iNELS central units. 8th June 2023

Webinar: Adding IP cameras and intercom directly to iNELS App. 15th June 2023

Language: ENG

Place: Online

Targeted for partner: Beginner

Time: 9,00am- 9,45am

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    Jeevak Mathew Technical Support @ ELKO EP, s.r.o.

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