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Efficiency in gear cutting! The technology must be right - with the right machining strategy for an (energy) efficient gear cutting process(US)

About this event

Efficiency in gear machining is now more important than ever to remain competitive. But how do you develop an efficient gear cutting process? And what factors play a role in this? In this webinar, we will show you how to design your gear cutting process so that it is efficient and at the same time increases your productivity and saves energy.

In this webinar, we will answer the following key questions:

  • Which factors influence the efficiency of a gearing process and how can these be used in a targeted manner?
  • What is a possible way to design an efficient gear cutting process?
  • What role does energy efficiency play in the development of machine tools and how can it be optimized?

This is what you can expect in our webinar:

  • Introduction to efficient gear cutting
  • Factors influencing the efficiency of interlocking processes
  • Case study: "Planetary gearbox" process development
  • Efficiency in gear hobbing
  • Factors influencing the hobbing process
  • Requirements for the hobbing process
  • Definition of the process chain based on the accuracy requirements of the workpiece
  • Wet or dry machining

Secure your place in our webinar now and find out how you can make your interlocking processes more efficient!

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