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Energy Recovery Devices for 
Low-Pressure Reverse Osmosis Systems

About this event

Energy is one of the highest operational costs of Low-Pressure Reverse Osmosis (LPRO) plants, so it's critical for designers, OEMs, Consultants, and the end-users to design the plant to minimize operational expenses by taking into account the benefits of energy recovery devices.

This webinar will give the viewers a guideline on how to maximize water production, flux balance, and operational flexibility while reducing energy consumption. Furthermore, the webinar will explain several cases (potable and industrial) where low-pressure energy recovery devices can offer a Return on Investment (ROI) below 3 years.

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  • Team member
    Rolando Bosleman Director, Business & Application Development @ Energy Recovery

    Rolando has over 20 years of technical experience in operations & management with multinational companies for SWRO desalination projects and water treatment. He has traveled to 20+ countries and participated in negotiations over 10 Million USD in equipment supply contracts.

  • Team member
    Erik Desormeaux Director of New Applications @ Energy Recovery

    Erik is a civil engineer with over 18 years’ experience working on advanced membrane projects for drinking water, desalination, reuse, and brine minimization. He has participated in the planning, design, and construction of multiple brackish desalination, potable reuse, and ZLD projects.

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