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How to offer an e-learning experience for the new normal

About this event

Research states that we retain more information through interactive learning than that of traditional learning methods.

Throughout the pandemic, lockdown has seen all ages of learners increase their access for online courses and e-learning resources, utilising what is accessible to them.

Higher education and businesses alike are exploring digital avenues where they can support their audiences from a distance whilst still offering the same high standard of information.

E-learning provides a wide range of benefits for businesses. For those looking to follow a more environmentally friendly strategy, E-learning can reduce energy consumption by 90%.

Read more below on the experts that are joining us and the discussion topics that will be covered on our digital panel session


●       Dr. Fiona Cheetham – Deputy Director of Graduate Education – University of Huddersfield

●       Steven Hope – Head of Independent Learning – Leeds City College

●       Stephanie Naylor – Marketing Manager – Webanywhere

●       Milosz Wojaczek – Marketing web analyst – Arrow Education

●       Catalina Schveninger – Chief of People – FutureLearn

●       Oliver Picton – Head of Technical at Enjoy Digital

What you’ll learn from the panel

●       How the pandemic has accelerated demand for e-learning.

●       Trends within e-learning and the future of e-learning.

●       Do’s and Don’ts to creating an effective e-learning experience.

●       Recommended foundations to implement efficient e-learning experience

●       Top tips from experts within higher education, adult learning, and our Head of Technical, advising how you can make your e-learning ambitions a reality.

Throughout the digital panel, we will be running interactive polls and inviting a 15 minutes Q+A session at the end of the panel discussion. 

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Catalina Shveninger Chief of People @ FutureLearn

    Catalina Schveninger FCIPD, joined FutureLearn from Vodafone where she most recently held the Global Head of Learning and Capabilities role, being responsible for the reskilling/upskilling and learning culture strategy for the FTSE 20 company’s 100,000 employees across 25 countries.

  • Guest speaker
    Milo Wojaczek Marketing Web Analyst @ Arrow Education

    Milosz has 7 years of full-stack experience with a design with UI and UX specialisation. His efforts concentrate on the creation and implementation of e-learning courses and landing pages with Arrow Education.

  • Guest speaker
    Steven Hope Head of Independent Learning @ Leeds City College

    Steven is a Google Trainer and Innovator. He is the Head of Independent Learning for Leeds City College and the FE colleges in the Luminate Education Group, with a focus on technology-enhanced learning. Prior to this, Steven has over 14 years’ experience in the education sector.

  • Guest speaker
    Oliver Picton Head of Technical @ Enjoy Digital

    Oliver has over 18 years of experience in website development and software engineering, specialising in .NET, Umbraco and Windows Azure.

  • Guest speaker
    Fiona Cheetham Deputy Director of Graduate Education @ University of Huddersfield

    Fiona has been with the University of Huddersfield within the marketing department since 2012, after ten years at Salford Business School, where she was Lecturer in Marketing and Consumer Research. Prior to this, she held academic posts at Keele University and the University of Hong Kong.

  • Team member
    Trish Tothova Marketing and Sales Manager @ Enjoy Digital

    With an extensive background in digital marketing working with brands across the globe, Trish now focuses on identifying marketing pain points for companies and offering solutions that serve a competitive edge.

  • Guest speaker
    Steph Naylor Marketing Manager @ Webanywhere

    Steph has 9 years of experience in digital marketing. Her passion is on-page SEO and she specialises in developing content strategies to inspire and engage audiences fueled by data (search and keywords).

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