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Enjoy Digital invites you to their webinar

Using Data Science to create practical solutions and find new opportunities

About this webinar

Enjoy Digital presents to you a 45-minute 'lunch and learn' webinar by two of our top in-house experts, with a combined 30 years experience in the Data Science industry.

💥Find out how to get the best out of your customer data and utlise it for targeted marketing and better ROI.

💥Hear about how data visualise in order to pitch new propositions to stakeholders and create new opportunities.

🎓This webinar is great for anyone who might be looking to better grow any skill gaps in gathering and utlising data, and decision makers who would like to better understand how data science can help bolster an upcoming proposition or market to customers more effectively.

In this webinar we will be covering:

1. The best way to get information out of your customer data

2. How data is usually siloed due to the restrictions of everyday skill sets not understanding the information they are presented with

3. Tool and methods on how to spot trends and gaps in datasets

4. The digital marketing campaigns and enhanced user experience you can achieve with your data

5. How to visualise data to overcome the silo challenges

6. Using data visualisation to persuade the board with your new proposition

More info on our experts below 👇🏽

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  • Guest speaker
    Mark Barrett Director of Data Science @ Enjoy Digital

    Mark has worked in the data science sector for 20 years, working on huge projects such as developing Leeds as an Open Data City in 2014 and creating the 1st Open Data app to get to #1 in iTunes in 2012.

  • Team member
    John Ward Sales & Marketing Director @ Enjoy Digital

    Sales & Marketing Director for Enjoy Digital

  • Guest speaker
    Luigi Raw Digital Insights Manager @ Enjoy Digital

    As an experienced digital marketing analyst and strategist with 10 years in the field, Luigi, with various analytical tools, can harness the full potential of search (PPC, SEO, etc.) display, and social marketing while integrating the optimal strategies using data.

  • Team member
    Trish Tothova Marketing and Sales Manager @ Enjoy Digital

    With an extensive background in digital marketing working with brands across the globe, Trish now focuses on identifying marketing pain points for companies and offering solutions that serve a competitive edge.

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