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LinkedIn Alumni & Why Lifelong Relationships Matter with Reid Hoffman, Chris Yeh and Emma Sinclair MBE

About this event

An interview with LinkedIn Founder and Chairman Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh, co-author, along with Ben Casnocha, of the New York Times bestseller, The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age. They spoke with EnterpriseAlumni about how to manage (and retain) your best employees.

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  • Team member
    Emma Sinclair MBE Chief Executive Officer @ EnterpriseAlumni

  • Guest speaker
    Reid Hoffman Co-Founder, Investor @ LinkedIn, Greylock, Inflection AI

    An accomplished entrepreneur, executive, and investor, Reid Hoffman has played an integral role in building many of today’s leading consumer technology businesses. In 2003 he co-founded LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional networking service. In 2009 he joined Greylock. In 2022, he co-founded Inflection AI. He currently serves on the boards of Aurora, Coda, Convoy, Entrepreneur First, Joby, Microsoft, Nauto, Neeva, and a few early stage companies still in stealth. In addition, he serves on a number of not-for-profit boards, including Kiva, Endeavor, CZ Biohub, New America, Berggruen Institute, Opportunity@Work, the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI, and the MacArthur Foundation’s Lever for Change. He is the host of Masters of Scale, an original podcast series and the first American media program to commit to a 50-50 gender balance for featured guests. He is the co-author of four best-selling books: The Start-Up of You, The Alliance, Blitzscaling, and Masters of Scale.

  • Guest speaker
    Chris Yeh Co-Founder @ The Blitzscaling Academy

    Chris Yeh is the co-founder of the Blitzscaling Academy, which teaches individuals and organizations how to plan for and execute on hypergrowth, and of Blitzscaling Ventures, which invests in the world's fastest-growing startups. Chris has founded, advised, or invested in over 100 high-tech startups since 1995, including companies like Ustream (investor, advisor, CEO) and UserTesting.com (NYSE: USER; advisor). He is the co-author, along with Reid Hoffman, of Blitzscaling: The Lighting-fast Path to Building Massively Valuable Companies, and the co-author, along with Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha, of the New York Times bestseller, The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age. Chris earned two degrees from Stanford University, with distinction in both, and an MBA from Harvard Business School, where he was named a Baker Scholar.


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