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Air Pollution Footprint Partnership

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Integrating air pollution into corporate greenhouse gas reporting frameworks.

In the realm of emissions reporting, numerous frameworks cater to organisations' needs for disclosing their GHG emissions. However, an important gap persists - the absence of a structured framework for organisations to report on their air pollution emissions. Adding to this landscape, the recent adoption of the European Sustainability Reporting Standards now require EU companies to report on their air pollution data.

Addressing this gap is the core purpose of the Air Pollution Footprint Partnership (APFP). Functioning as an online platform, the APFP is the first-of-its-kind reporting framework that enables organisations to calculate their air pollution footprint using the same data for their GHG reporting. With the capabilities to understand the contributions of their operations to air pollution, organisations have the evidence and insight to strategically target policies, demonstrate their dedication to sustainable business practices, and improve their ESG profile and investment credentials.

In this Sustainability Delivery Group Expert Talk, Guy Hitchcock, Technical Director at Ricardo, will provide an introduction to the APFP.

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    Guy Hitchcock Technical Director @ Ricardo

    Guy has over 25 years' experience in working on domestic and international projects relating to air pollution and climate change across the public, private and third sector. Supporting a wide range of clients including UK Governments, the European Commission, and local authorities, Guy has led and produced a number of Low Emissions Strategies and Clean Air Zone feasibility studies on behalf of UK Local Authorities, and cities across Europe and India.

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