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Blue Carbon: Enabling Decarbonisation and Wider Benefits through Saltmarsh Restoration

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When protected or restored, blue carbon ecosystems sequester and store carbon. When degraded or destroyed, these ecosystems emit the carbon they have stored for centuries into the atmosphere and oceans, and become sources of greenhouse gases. Blue carbon environments are critical along the world’s coasts and facilitate many other ecosystem services, including improved water quality, healthy fisheries, and coastal protection against floods and storms.

This Sustainability Delivery Group Expert Talk will explore the role saltmarshes play in helping to decarbonise our environment and providing wider societal and economic benefits. We’ll discuss current progress in science and UK policy to support the restoration of these important habitats, supported by case studies.

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  • Guest speaker
    Nigel Pontee Global Principal for Coastal Planning and Engineering @ Jacobs

    Professor Nigel Pontee is Jacobs Global Principal for Coastal Planning and Engineering. Nigel has spent over two decades working on the restoration of coastal habitats around the globe, including the research, planning and design of various blue carbon studies. He has worked on over 70 wetland restoration-related projects and contributed to the creation of over 1700ha of new wetland habitat in the UK, including the five largest projects in this country. He is also a visiting professor in the Faculty of Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of Southampton.

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