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Co-developing resilient catchment solutions and pathways

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In the face of climate change and the biodiversity crises, we need to come together more as a society and use systems thinking to combat catchment challenges such as flooding, drought, water quality and biodiversity loss. These challenges will not be overcome if organisations work in silos and projects are carried out in isolation without considering a wider catchment plan. A collaborative ‘OneWater’ catchment approach can help address this challenge.

Fundamental to a catchment approach and the development and delivery of truly sustainable solutions is a deep understanding of catchment-specific challenges and what matters to catchment stakeholders. This understanding can only be developed through bringing people together and collaboratively developing a vision and objectives for the catchment.

This may sound simple on paper, but in practice it can be complex, with stakeholders holding contrasting views and competing objectives. In this Sustainability Delivery Group Expert Talk, part of 'The OneWater Approach series' held in partnership with Jacobs, we will demonstrate the importance of the independent systems’ integrator role in bringing together diverse stakeholders to agree on a common vision, and how this has played out in real-life scenarios.


Phil Raynor, Director of Water and Environment, Jacobs

Phil is a Director of Operations at Jacobs with 21 years working in the environmental and flood risk industry. With core training in the environmental sciences and extensive experience in a wide range of technical areas, Phil is heavily involved in both the delivery and technical assurance of major UK infrastructure projects, drawing on his broad experience base, attention to detail and strategic mindset to lead teams in the development of appropriate solutions. Phil provides technical inputs to our integrated water management sector (OneWater) in the UK and is Jacobs’ technical lead on the Upper Mersey Place-based Planning Pilot project for United Utilities. In this role, he is supporting the development of new ways of working between partners across the Upper Mersey, with the aim of developing a shared vision for the catchment and defining a set of strategic objectives that will inform future decision-making to address key challenges and provide wider benefits.

Joseph Danyluk, OneWater Director, Jacobs

As Jacobs’ Director of OneWater, Joseph develops business, project delivery, and thought leadership strategies focused on sustainable, equitable, and resilient water management solutions. He works with utilities, communities, and technical teams to implement integrated solutions that not only provide near- and long-term benefits, but also demonstrate how water connects us and affects us all. Joseph received his Bachelor of Science degree in civil & environmental engineering and Master of community planning, both from the University of Cincinnati, and for 20 years has supported clients with developing solutions for complex challenges affecting built and natural components of the water cycle.

Dee Grahamslaw, Place Based Planning Pilot Lead, United Utilities

Dee is a Place-Based Planning Lead at United Utilities, the Northwest water and wastewater service provider. Dee is part of the Strategic Catchment team and is responsible for piloting a place-based planning approach within the Upper Mersey catchment, as part of United Utilities’ wider Catchment Systems Thinking (CaST) ethos. With over eight years in the industry, including roles within asset management, and operations and strategy, Dee is well placed to champion an approach which seeks to co-create plans and strategies with interested stakeholders, to balance the needs of the water environment with nature and communities.

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