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Green Hydrogen – Best Practices and Challenges of Implementation

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No and low carbon hydrogen is seen as a key part of decarbonisation of the energy system - not a week goes by without an announcement about a new mega project, a national plan, or an industry transforming trial.

Although there is uncertainty around the future uses of hydrogen, the demand from its existing uses can be captured and, in times of uncertain fossil prices, no-carbon hydrogen can be increasingly competitive.

In this Sustainability Delivery Group Expert Talk, Sam Mackilligin, Energy Strategy & Growth Director - EUR & India at AECOM, will explore best practice and implementation challenges for green hydrogen, and:

  • Assess what green hydrogen means in reality, and where it will be used and produced
  • Outline the barriers to delivering no-carbon hydrogen, including securing the three main ingredients - lots of renewable energy, fresh water, and electrolysers, and the challenge to secure supplies of all of these
  • Discuss how AECOM are working with clients to unlock and overcome these challenges, using case study examples

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  • Guest speaker
    Sam Mackilligin Energy Strategy & Growth Director - EUR & India @ AECOM

    Since joining AECOM Sam Mackilligin has supported public and private renewable project developments in more than 10 different countries. These have included wind, solar, tidal, and energy storage technologies. In 2019 Sam formed the AECOM Future Fuels group to focus on providing the infrastructure necessary for AECOM’s clients to supply their own zero carbon sources of future fuels (EV Charge and Hydrogen). Sam’s automotive and renewable energy experience gives him a unique perspective in this part of the zero-carbon agenda.

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