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Land-Based Approach to Natural Capital Asset Management: Building Towards a Better Management of Natural Resources

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The Environment Agency recognises that the full value of remediation in terms of the economic, social and environmental benefits is not well understood, and it is often viewed as a cost burden or liability. As such the total benefits of remediation are not fully understood or utilised in decision making, resulting in sites remaining derelict for years and opportunities to optimise value from public and private investment are missed.

In this Sustainability Delivery Group Expert Talk, Yolande Macklin will present current research conducted for the Environment Agency on the development of a novel natural capital approach to evaluate the sustainability benefits from remediating and redeveloping contaminated brownfield sites. This proof-of-concept co-designed research is helping the Environment Agency develop new methods to measure and communicate the social, economic and environmental value of remediating contaminated sites to optimise the planning, funding and delivery of its land contamination functions.

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  • Guest speaker
    David Griggs Senior Advisor for Sustainable Places @ Environment Agency

    David Griggs is Senior Advisor for Sustainable Places at the Environment Agency. He has over a decade of experience working in urban planning, spending most of that time advising planners, developers and policy makers on how they can create more resilient and sustainable places, including advising on many brownfield sites. He has led Environment Agency engagement with a variety of planning issues relevant to natural capital including net gain, nutrient neutrality and green infrastructure. His current areas of focus include brownfield regeneration and Freeports and he has a particular interest in environmental disparities. David has co-led the Remediation and Sustainable Growth project alongside the EA Land Contamination team, with a vision to better capture and realise the wide benefits of cleaning up contaminated brownfield sites for people and nature.

  • Guest speaker
    Darren Beriro Geoscientist @ BGS

    Darren Beriro is a principal geoscientist at British Geological Survey, specialising in research on brownfield land redevelopment. Darren has 18 years of work experience on a wide range of projects including the development of new laboratory methods to measure the dermal bioavailability of organic contaminants in soils and the award-winning GIS-based Brownfield Ground Risk Calculator. Darren has most recently been working with the Environment Agency researching background concentrations of PFAS in soils and the Remediation and Sustainable Growth Tool.

  • Guest speaker
    Yolande Macklin Senior Associate Director- Land Quality @ Jacobs

    Yolande Macklin is a Senior Associate Director at Jacobs with 20 years’ experience in land contamination management and assessment. Yolande has previously worked within multidisciplinary consultancies, local and national government organisations. Yolande has a wealth of experience in ground investigation and assessment on a wide range of sites including gas works, chemical works and former landfills. Since joining Jacobs in 2021, Yolande has been working with the Environment Agency on projects such as Per- and Polyfluorinated Substances (PFAS) Risk Screening and the Remediation and Sustainable Growth Tool.

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