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Navigating New Frontiers: Embodied Emissions in a Changing Climate Policy Landscape

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The climate reporting and policy landscape is rapidly evolving, especially in the built environment. California leads with its AB2446 mandate for Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) in construction and EPDs for building products, and the CALGreen update now regulates embodied carbon in non-residential developments. Cities like Toronto and Vancouver have also set embodied carbon limits. As deconstruction begins to replace traditional demolition, cities across the U.S. including Boulder and Palo Alto, are enforcing deconstruction requirements to salvage materials, promoting the use of recycled resources in new builds and renovations.

In parallel, European markets are ahead of the curve with significant shifts. The EU has implemented stringent laws around embodied carbon and introduced the EU taxonomy to classify sustainable economic activities, including construction. With regulations like the EU Taxonomy Regulation setting criteria for environmentally sustainable economic activities and the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive emphasizing energy efficiency, navigating the European market requires a deep understanding of these evolving policies.

This North American Sustainability Delivery Group Expert Talk will dive into navigating these new regulations, focusing on LCA, deconstruction, and Scope 3 emissions. We'll discuss how to effectively manage and document environmental data and LCAs, and adopt strategies to track and minimize environmental impact, highlighting the role of circular construction solutions in reducing embodied carbon footprints.

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  • Guest speaker
    Kritika Kharbanda Lead Sustainability Specialist, Henning Larsen, NY @ Henning Larsen

    Kritika leads the sustainability team and initiatives at Henning Larsen's New York office, on projects across multiple typologies, geographies, scales, and typologies. Lying at the intersection of architecture, sustainability and technology, her work ranges from early to later stage detailed analysis for certifications and permitting. Kritika received her Masters in Design with specialization in Energy and Environments from Harvard with cross-enrollment at MIT, and was a Social Innovation and Change Initiative Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School.

  • Guest speaker
    Katrine Oline Aavitsland Lund Technical Lead Circular Economy + Resource Management, Americas @ Ramboll

    Katrine is the Technical Lead for Ramboll's Circular Economy and Resource Management practice. She has a background in sustainability, structural engineering, resource management and historical buildings, and advances decarbonization through circular solutions. She provides early strategic advice on sustainability and circularity and conducts in-depth technical analyses of environmental impacts of material selection and building designs. She sets the direction from early-stage planning to completion. With a diverse skills, she has a comprehensive understanding of the existing building mass and how to utilize both environmental, social and economic potentials through circular strategies and solutions such as deconstruction and reuse.

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