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Radon: Outlining the Fundamental Revisions of BR211 - Guidance on Protective Measures for New Dwellings

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This online event will see a panel of experts outline the fundamental revisions of BR211: Guidance on Protective Measures for New Dwellings. Get an update on why the revisions were required, the radon protection system and the new section 7 included in BR211 where, for the first time, contractual responsibility is acknowledged.

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  • Gavin Gillmore, Professor Emeritus, Bath Spa University & Director & Chairman, The Radon Council
  • Michael Jaggs, Associate Director & Principal Trainer, Building Research Establishment
  • Peter Atchison, Director, PAGeotechnical, Radon Council member & co-author of the revised BR211
  • John Sparks, Global Operations Director, GeoShield, Radon Council Board Member & co-author of the revised BR211

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This event is held in partnership with Brownfield & Regeneration Network premium partner Geoshield and the Radon Council.

This event is CPD-certified.

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  • Guest speaker
    Gavin Gillmore Director & Chairman @ The Radon Council

  • Guest speaker
    Peter Atchison Director @ PAGeotechnical

    A professional engineer, with over 35 years’ experience, Peter sat on the steering groups for the PIT report as well as BRE 414, CIRIA C665 and chaired the technical committee which produced BS8485. Peter sits on B553 the BSi committee for geomembranes, is the UK expert on CEN TC189, chairs ISO TC221 (geosynthetics), the EIC Contaminated-Land Working-Group; Confederation of Construction Specialists & is treasurer of the British-Geomembrane-Association. Peter chaired the UK Radon Council for >5 years and believes lessons learned in other ground gases can be useful in our battle to improve the consideration of the risks from radon gas.

  • Guest speaker
    Michael Jaggs Associate Director & Principal Trainer @ Building Research Establishment

    Mike is a construction engineer with over 30 years of radon experience, joining BRE in 1994 he has contributed to research and testing work resulting in the development of radon remedial measures for existing buildings and radon proactive measures in new buildings. Mike has also managed BRE’s airtightness and infrared thermography teams, testing many 100’s of buildings. For the last 10 years Mike has developed and delivered training programmes for the BRE Academy and delivers lectures to Hertfordshire University on their degree and Masters Civil Engineering and Construction Management courses.

  • Guest speaker
    Russell Lawley Geoscientist @ BGS

  • Guest speaker
    John Sparks Global Operations Director @ Geoshield

    Operating, both at home & internationally for over 30 years, John has been involved in implementing integrity testing & verification on-site quality assurance programs for subterranean waterproofing & hazardous ground gas protection systems. He has developed & delivered training lectures at the universities of Budapest, Helsinki & Minsk and closer to home to clients throughout the UK with the CPD accredited GeoShield hazardous ground gas training programme (GeoShield are founder members of the British Verification Council).

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