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Preparing the Grid for Energy Transition

About this event

The first webinar in Environment Analyst’s new webinar series on the Energy Transition will explore how to prepare the grid for the energy transition.

Join the webinar and get expert insights on:

  • Plotting the roadmap for delivering renewable generation, electrification and CCS at scale and the policies, permitting reforms, innovations, and funding required to support this
  • Evaluating the implications of transportation and building electrification for the electricity grid infrastructure, operations, and capacity planning, and identifying the changes required:
  • how will different renewable technologies impact grid demand?
  • incorporating changing consumption profiles and uncontrolled fluctuations in demand into transmission planning
  • exploring strategies to improve grid efficiency: the role of distributed energy resources (DERs)
  • Exploring the use of large-scale energy storage for reducing peak demand
  • Strategies for improved resilience and managing the impact of climate change and severe weather events on grid efficiency and capability
  • Ensuring future grid planning delivers equitable and affordable outcomes
  • Exploring the growth and development of micro grids, smart grids and AI-powered systems

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