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Strategy, Culture & Leadership: Developing and Implementing Sustainability Throughout the Whole Organisation (September)

About this event

Leadership strategies for truly embedding sustainability into business strategy, processes and decision-making:

  • Clarifying what sustainability means to your company and sector
  • Establishing regular and effective communication of sustainability goals and progress and finding the language to make it understandable and compelling
  • Gaining stakeholder engagement and developing a collaborative approach to sustainability across the value chain to promote investment and impactful growth
  • Moving beyond mandatory standards & reporting to proactive sustainability practices that are “business as usual”
  • Using sustainability as a lens for effective decision-making
  • Proving the business case for sustainability to secure budget

Fostering a culture of sustainability that permeates all facets of the company and is fully understood by all employees:

  • Exploring the use of “sustainability champions”
  • Changing the actions of employees - the role of rewards and incentives
  • Getting buy-in and support at all levels from the C-Suite top-down
  • Debating the changing role of the sustainability leader

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Stephen Elderkin Director of Environment Sustainability @ National Highways UK

  • Guest speaker
    Malcolm Fawcett Director, Climate Chance @ ConocoPhillips

  • Guest speaker
    Nick Murdock Agency Sustainability Program Manager @ NASA US

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