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The Role of Technology in Natural Capital Accounting

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In the wake of COP 26 and the forthcoming Environment Bill, natural capital is moving from a buzzword to a critical approach in helping organisations to better understand their impacts and dependencies on the natural world. However, it is often seen as quite a challenging, niche area to grasp, due in part to dense data requirements and technical processes. Technology has an important role in making natural capital accounting more accessible, achievable and accurate.

In this Sustainability Delivery Group Expert Talk, Michael Aquilina, Environmental Consultant, Natural Capital and Environmental Net Gain at AECOM, will explore some of the challenges currently faced in the field, the key opportunity areas and how AECOM are using their award-winning Natural Capital Laboratory to apply innovative technology to a real-life project.


Michael Aquilina, Environmental Consultant, Natural Capital and Environmental Net Gain, AECOM

Michael Aquilina is an Environmental Consultant in AECOM’s Natural Capital and Environmental Net Gain team. He has a passion for supporting clients deliver nature-based solutions through their strategies, policies and projects, with a particular interest in how this can be applied in an urban setting.

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