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What if… taking an inclusivity-led approach to design can help us solve our sustainability challenges?

About this event

There is an opportunity to embody inclusion in its wider form in all design processes and projects to deliver better outcomes for all.

In this Sustainability Delivery Group Expert Talk, Lynsey Clarke, Global Technology Lead, Sustainability and Climate Action at Jacobs, will explore how we can place inclusivity at the heart of integrated design visions and objectives to not only influence the way we think about cities, but also to help us drive social value and positive environmental outcomes.

Lynsey will explore what we mean by ‘inclusive,’ linking to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and thinking about the role this plays in sustainable place-making and future cities. Drawing on Jacobs' experience on recent projects, the talk will present some of the key challenges around equality and inclusion, the way this is being addressed through design, and how by doing this we can also more successfully respond to environmental and sustainability challenges such as air quality, net zero and climate resilience. 

Lead presenter as part of a panel discussion:

Lynsey Clarke, Global Technology Lead, Sustainability and Climate Action, Jacobs

Lynsey is a Director of Sustainability at Jacobs and global lead for solutions and technology development in Sustainability and Climate Action. She advises clients on sustainability and decarbonisation strategy and provides support in benchmarking and maturity assessment, understanding the implications of climate change to core business and operations, and the programmatic delivery of decarbonisation measures and wider sustainability services. This includes a focus on engagement and communications, organisational behaviours, coaching, and capacity building support. Lynsey’s role also extends to supporting the implementation of Jacobs’ own sustainability strategy, PlanBeyond, and our Climate Action Plan throughout our European business and across our project partnerships and delivery.

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