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What Role do Energy Storage and Hydrogen Play in the Energy Transition?

About this event

This Sustainability Delivery Group Expert Talk will look at the critical role of energy storage in the energy transition, and will introduce Jacobs’ modelling of the optimum combination of short, medium and long duration storage solutions to meet net zero by 2050 and eliminate fossil fuelled generation by 2035, at least cost. We will further define long-term duration and take a more detailed look at hydrogen and its role in energy storage to effectively balance intermittent renewables ‘when the wind doesn’t blow’ or the ‘sun doesn’t shine’.


Stephen Horrax, Director of Carbon and Energy Consulting, Jacobs

With 20 years of experience in advisory services, Stephen leads on a number of projects and programmes for alternative energy generation, energy and transport systems and low carbon strategy development to net zero, including the development of new technology opportunities. This includes business case development, project delivery, implementation programming and due diligence of proposed developments and operational change.

Simon Bailey, Senior Associate Director and Global Hydropower Lead, Jacobs

Simon has over 30 years’ experience in water resources development for major water and energy infrastructure projects, covering dams, hydropower, irrigation and water supply for international development agencies, UK water utilities and private clients worldwide. He is currently global technical lead for hydropower and has extensive experience in Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, SE Asia, Eastern Europe and the UK. His particular expertise is in mathematical modelling and optimisation for water resources development worldwide.

Myfanwy Wolf, Senior Associate Director, Jacobs

Myfanwy is a Senior Associate Director at Jacobs with over two decades of commercial experience focused on decarbonisation, renewable electricity and flexible power generation working within industry (Ørsted) and in strategy and financial consulting (incl. Baringa Partners, Carbon Trust Advisory and PwC Corporate Finance). Her experience includes: carbon strategic advisory, corporate renewable energy advisory, renewable and flexible power asset commercial development, renewable and flexible power asset financial analysis, and energy and carbon finance. She has also recently led the business case analysis of a large green hydrogen project in the UK for a leading European energy company.

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